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Upcoming Events


School Authority Meeting
6:15 PM to 6:30 PM
In Supt's Office - Board Room
School Board Meeting
6:30 PM
School Board Meetings are scheduled on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. (See Home Page for link to agenda schedules)
Haworth Schools Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

The mission of Haworth Schools is to prepare students and provide an education that is diverse, safe, and supportive in an environment that encourages morality, character building, intrinsic motivation, self-improvement, and distinction in learning.

 Vision Statement

Every Haworth student will be provided the resources and opportunities for personal, academic, and inherent artisitic growth for exploring, developing, and participating in 21st Century skills while exhibiting/acquiring the knowledge base to become contributing members of society.


February Employee of the Month, Ruth Ebert - School Counselor

Ruth Ebert is appreciated for what she does to help our students, school, and community. Congratulations Mrs. Ebert!!

Elementary Announcements

MORNING CAR RIDERS: Please do not drop off students before 7:40 a.m. as teachers do not begin duty until 7:40.

AFTERNOON CAR RIDERS: Students can be picked up at 2:50 in the foyer of the gym.

COKE BREAK will be every Friday. Students may purchase a drink, snack, or ice cream - most items are $1.00. Bottled drinks and Powerades are $2.00.

Haworth Elementary has a FACEBOOK page called "Haworth Elementary News". Go to the page and click on "Like"; we will be posting elementary announcements. We encourage you to join our list of Friends!

BOX TOPS for Education program continues! Turn in Box Tops as often as you can. Thank you for your support!!!!



 Welcome to  


Home of the Lions 

Haworth Schools is a quality pre-K through twelfth grade school system nestled in a setting of beautiful trees and grassy, open fields. Our supportive community and dedicated staff continue to make major physical and technological improvements to our buildings and classrooms, which proves our dedication to give students what they deserve. Experienced teachers and community pride are the perfect combination to provide the nurturing educational experience we offer with our small school family. We feel the more you know about our schools, the more impressed you will be.

We invite you to take a look now, and then keep checking in with us from time to time; hopefully you'll notice the changes, the new features, etc. This site will continue to evolve and keep you up-to-date on important school activities and information. Please let us know if you need assistance with utilizing this Website to better serve our community.

Thanks for visiting and come back again, soon!

Contact Information

Haworth Public Schools

300 N. Maple St.

Haworth, OK 74740

Superintendent's Office (580) 245-1406, ext. 400 - Fax #: (580) 245-2265

High School Office: (580) 245-1406, ext. 300 - Fax #: (580) 245-4913

Junior High School Office: (580) 245-1406, ext. 200

Junior High/High School Counselor: (580) 245-1406, ext. 203

Elementary Office: (580) 245-1406, ext. 100Fax #: ((580) 245-4912

Author's Visit Coming Soon...

Author Bill Farris will be at Haworth Elementary Gymnasium

on March 9, 2015

Mr. Bill Farris's books can be purchased and time will be given

for autographs from the author.

All books are hardback.

For more information, contact Shirley Pogue at the elementary library.

Come out and join the Fun!!!



Go to "Cafeteria" Tab above for weekly menu.

Go to High School/Junior High Tab above, click on Library Resources and

check out the 2014 Sequoyah Book Lists and list of Educational Websites.

Utilize these tools for research, writing, reading, studying and homework.

Contact Mrs. Audie Smith if you need assistance with any of these sites.

Haworth School Board Meeting

March 5, 2015 - 6:30 p.m.

Click here for Agenda:

Click on the link below for access to the 2014-15 School Calendar

 Good Luck in the Playoffs

Haworth Lady Lions and Lions

Play hard and make us proud!


See sidebar at right of page for education, weather, sports, and other news-related sites.

Don't forget to enjoy READING and you can work on Study Island when possible.

Google Safe Search
About Study Island

Our school has access to a great resource for preparing our kids for the Oklahoma CRTs, End-of-Instruction Exams, ACT tests and much, much more. It is a web-based program called Study Island, which is accessible to students from school or home. If you have internet access at home, your child can access Study Island to help prepare for all of these tests & also is a great tool to enhance learning in the classroom. We are excited about the results we have seen first hand last year and of all the potential benefits this program can bring to our students! We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity & hope that you begin today using this invaluable program! Please feel free to contact the school for more information or Study Island at 1-800-419-3191 or if you have any questions ....

Follow the instructions below, in order to use the program:

1. Go

2. Enter your username and password at the upper left corner of the screen and click "Login".
Note: Students will receive a username and password from their teacher at school. Please contact this year's teacher if your child has forgotten it or is a new student.

3. Click on the section tab (math, reading, etc.) that you wish to work on.

2. Click the "Pretest" in order to begin the pretest for the section. You must complete a minimum of 10
pretest questions before moving on to the other question groups.

3. Once you complete the "Pretest", you may work through the remainder of the question groups in any order you like. You must "pass" all question groups before taking the "Post Test".
To pass a question group, you must satisfy the group's passing requirements which are
based a minimum number of questions taken(usually 10) and a minimum percentage
correct(around 70%). A blue ribbon icon is displayed next to all passed question groups.

4. Once you have passed all the question groups in the section, you have to pass the "PostTest" for the section before the section is complete. Ignore this step if the section has no "Post Test".

5. When you pass all question groups in all sections, you have completed the program and are prepared for the state exams. We encourage you, however, to repeat sections as many times as you wish giving yourself more than the minimum 10 questions as there is a large test bank of questions with multiple lesson reviews that will better ensure your knowledge & preparation in the subject matter.
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